Mon-keys in the Zoo!

I had the pleasure of experiencing the true face of Malaysian youth in the wee hours of the morning on this not too pleasant Monday. I awoke to the sound of cat calls and hoots of the students who live in my condo. It was close to 1:30am and they were firing off fireworks, screaming and shouting. Noise emanated from every corner of each block and I couldn’t help but think that Malaysian Youth are an unruly bunch. There was no electricity in the area and the students passed the time by making noise. A noisier troop of monkeys you’d be hard pressed to find. I’d bet the monkeys in Zoo Negara are a whole lot quieter. Do you think our country has hope with a generation of monkeys in our institutions of higher learning now? Brrr … the thought just gives me the willies.

Since I couldn’t sleep due to the heat & noise I sat out in the balcony with my housemate Timmy and we played guitar till the electricity came back on at around 3:00am. Since we couldn’t sleep anymore after that I switched on the PS2 and continued my adventures in StarOcean III. Spent most of the time levelling up and killing robotic adversaries again & again & again! I must say that the game is starting to grow on me especially now that Fayt is causing 6,000 hit-point damage with every long-distance strike he makes. Plus I now have a healer in the party that can resurrect & heal the fallen. The combat leaves a lot to be desired though due to the inane battle-system that the developers put into place.

Today has been an exceptionally quiet day. Played lots of StarOcean in the morning. Wrote some copy for 2 Maxis jobs from Mantra & spent quite a fair bit of time organizing things for the Christmas production in the afternoon. Aaah … this is my kind of day. Rehearsals for the stage bits start this Sunday at 2:00pm. I’m not truly looking forward to it for some reason – I’ve been feeling lethargic of late and I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me. I feel like Bilbo Baggins in Fellowship of the Ring; like butter spread on too much bread. Bilbo, I don’t know what you meant by that but I certainly feel like it. Too little butter on too much bread.

The disturbance in my sleep pattern last night is causing me to be slightly woozy. On the other hand it could also be caused the 1 and a half hour nap I took this afternoon to replace the lost hours of sleep last night. Oh well … dinner with my family coming right up.



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