Another Day Another Shoot

An arduous day of shooting for this year’s Christmas production has come to a close. Nestled in the heart of the city right next to the British High Commission is a small road that takes you to a trio of quaint houses. Following the trail will lead you to a place called The Ark; a place surrounded by green open spaces – a sight rarely seen in Kay-El. That was where we held our shoot today. Twas’ productive and much progress has been made. I just hope we can edit everything and put it all together in time. We haven’t even started stage rehearsals yet. GOD give me the strength to go on.

This morning I reached Disc 2 of StarOcean III: Till The End of Time. The game has finally lifted off into outer space after hours of exploring some back water planet at the galaxy’s edge. My party of intrepid teens are currently exploring a space station being invaded by god-like aliens. GOD-LIKE ALIENS! And they have space dragons! SPACE DRAGONS! Giant wyrms flying in space decimating entire fleets. The galaxy is in peril and its only hope is a 19-year old boy named Fayt. I wonder why Japanese RPGs always have lead characters who are teens? It’s so unlike Western games & fiction in general in which the hero is usually an adult. Do any of you know why?

Utilising a walk-through (I can hear some of you chanting “cheater … cheater … cheater” now) I have obtained an item called Orichalcum to upgrade Fayt’s trusty sword. The aliens on board the space station are pretty tough. My first battle against them resulted in the death of a party member (not to fear though, Japanese RPGs allow you to resurrect your characters easily via items or resting at an inn). That was decidedly most uncool but it is satisfying to see 4,000 hit-point damage being dished out by my main character. At the rate I’m going I should be able to head into the endgame this week hopefully.

Another day another shoot; another day another battle in the world of Fayt Leingod. Till tomorrow.


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