YES! As you can read in today’s post I had an accident today. Twas’ a minor one but it has caused aches in the weirdest places. My fingers on my right hand aches and my left arm aches too as well as sections of my body called my leg. Thank God I wasn’t hurt at all … but my poor bike had some damage PLUS I will have to pay to get the guy’s (the guy as in the guy I hit) car a small knock up job (knock up as in banging out the dents not getting it pregnant).

It started to rain just as I arrived close to 1U. Was feeling pretty irritated that it rained just as I got in to PJ. Just as I was turning up into Damansara Perdana past the traffic lights I hit this white Proton as I was riding up the hill cos’ all the cars stopped suddenly. Sigh … talk about dumbass accidents. This certainly qualifies as one. I was drenched from the rain and I had an accident! Man … I was feeling upset about it cos’ just before the accident I had a premonition of sorts that something bad was gonna happen. To be honest I was a lil’ upset with the big guy up there in heaven for allowing this to happen. I really do get upset by the smallest things which the horned one uses against me a lot. Last Saturday’s bad day was a good example of it happening. In hindsight I have much to be thankful for … I wasn’t hurt at all and it that I really am able to thank God for watching over me even though I was in a bad mood as I was riding in the heavy downpour (yes, yes … I was grumbling in my heart and asking God why oh why couldn’t He have held back the rain till I got to the office).

That’s life I guess … God gives us the bad and the good, and we live with it. Hmmm … maybe it’s time to get a car and get an accident in one instead of outside of one. Heh heh!



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