Cripes! I’ve just been blogging 4 days and already I feel as if I can’t live without it. It’s pretty amazing to discover people I know personally who Blog as well! I’ve discovered 2 fellow Bentongites from my home church who blog too!

The web is such a strange and wonderful place where there are familiar faces in familiar places (ha ha ha … guess where I lifted that last part of that statement from). I’ll give ya a hint, it’s from a song!

OK … I’m actually supposed to be coming up with some taglines for a Standee for a client. I’ve got 3 options so far and I’ll need to come up with more because I’m not a very experienced copywriter yet. I usually come up with a number of tagline options so we have a choice of what to present to the client. Bummeroo! But that’s the way it is when you are starting something new. Good thing I’m interested in what I’m doing or I’d probably be grumbling all the time. Heh!

Oooo … it’s already October and Resident Evil: Apocalypse is playing already. Plus Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow is on for sneak previews this weekend! I shall be preparing myself to do some spoiler free movie reviews soon!



2 thoughts on “Addicted?

  1. i ain’t no bentong blogger but this drama queen sez nice of u to hop onto the bandwagon too. So when r we watching Sky captain?

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