Verbal Diarrhea


That’s surfer speak for hello to all my buhds and buhdettes! Ha ha ha! I’ve just had a pretty long day today and James (my boss) just criticized me for the use of a generic template on this blog! He said this; and I quote … “How can you use a template for your blog and work in a design firm?”. Uh … those weren’t really the exact words but you get the idea. Ha ha! I guess HE is RIGHT … problem is I am really lazy to pick up Photoshop & Illustrator plus I’m kinda lazy to go looking around for server space to hold images. If I’m not mistaken Blogger doesn’t allow uploading of pics. Can anyone out there confirm this for me? I suspect that I may be wrong and it’s just my lazy Id giving me an excuse to use this generic template so I can just keep on writing. After working 4 years at Arachnid as a web developer this is like the first time I’m actually purposefully maintaining something on the web that is NOT related to WORK! How strange … and to think I used to do this for a living (I guess I still do in some ways now, just not full-time anymore).

I’ve been reading my last few posts and I realised that I’m pretty long winded. Long sentences that seem to go on forever don’t make a good read. It seems like I’m trying to make too many points in one sentence!!! That’s what happens when you just rattle on without ever having a point to make. If you ever were to read my journal (wouldn’t you like to know where I keep it? *wink*) you’d probably wanna choke me the next time you see me cos’ of my long windedness. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! I promise from now on to edit all my posts to ensure the best possible reading experience for all my fellow bloggers out there.

It’s pretty cool to discover so many people from DUMC who also Blog and I’m beginning to feel like I’m not the only one out there who can write. Thank God none of you are actually thinking of pursuing a career in writing cos’ there’d be far too much competition for me & I’d probably lose out. Or maybe I’d come out on top … who knows? I won’t really know will I? And I don’t really want to find out.

Hmmm … I think it’s time for me to review another game. I noticed that no one made any comments about the last game I reviewed so I’m gonna write some more. Perhaps some one from Gamespot or Gamespy will notice and I’ll get hired. I’ll be in 9th heaven then … wah, that’s like 2 levels above 7th heaven. Which begs the next question I’m gonna raise … why are there 7 levels in heaven? Who came up with that anyway? I have a feeling this stupid statement is gonna trigger a lot of responses but never mind, I’m gonna make it anyway.

I shall go write a game review now. Coming up Def Jam: Fight For NY for the PS2 or should I review Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube? Hmmm … choices, choices. What would I do without choices?

Toodles …


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