Blog Therapy

Whoah … now that was pretty therapeutic (is that how you spell it? therapeutic?). Ah yes, it is spelled t h e r a p e u t i c … I can now sleep well tonight knowing that my spelling ability has not yet diminished due to age.

It certainly was fun to write that completely unneeded game review on Demon Stone; personally I don’t even know who will read it but I’ll keep on doing it anyway. Writing is such a joy but somewhat taxing past time on the brain and the old hands and wrists (the bane of all computer users).

First of all, I guess this would be a good spot to also let everyone know what’s happening in my life of late. Hmmm … Well, the latest news would be that I now have a new housemate in my place in Setapak. I offered to let a friend of mine stay with us (us as in me and my brother Weng Kit) for a couple of months. So last night Timmy Lai Tim Fatt officially joined us as a resident of Prima Setapak. There’s a whole load of unpacked stuff sitting in my brother’s room now and in a part of the hallway. Hopefully he’ll get around to sorting things out soon as my brother isn’t too pleased by the mess. Actually I’m a little displeased too but give him a break-lah. He just moved in last night and the poor guy had to sleep in the hall. It’d be cool to have someone else in the house who can actually play video games with me. Contrary to belief, my brother and I don’t play that much games together for some reason. Weng Kit’s a PC gamer and I am currently a certified 100% console gamer.

As for work, I am now working in my friend’s company; Mantra Communications as a copywriter. I come in to the office all the way from Setapak 3 times a week from 2:00 to 6:00pm to help them write whatever it is they need to write. They do mostly below the line stuff (brochures, POP materials, etc). So far work is fun and James (my boss and friend) & I have loads of fun everyday. We joke, we laugh and we talk nonsense quite a lot. Writing doesn’t feel like a chore although sometimes it can be taxing to rewrite copy for a client if they dislike what I’ve written. Other than that I would say I’m getting somewhere in this writing thing. It’d be a dream to be able to write for a gaming magazine. I sent out some applications to PC Gamer Malaysia and GameAxis Unwired; 2 local gaming magazines but alas no reply from them. Sigh … it’d be pretty awesome if I could get a job like that wouldn’t it? I can imagine exquisitely cools scenes in my head where I’m gaming and suddenly my mom’s voice would call out “Yuen … what are you doing?” and my reply would a very smug “Mom … I’m working!”. Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’d be the life. To game as a living.

Besides that I’m open to freelancing for web projects here and there although I must say that I’m not interested in that really. But one must do what one must do … so grudgingly I will take up whatever web projects that may come my way although I will be very selective about what I take up cos’ I don’t want to suffer from boredom while working on a project.

When it comes to church, well I am a cell leader now which is scary and I’m still involved with Punctuation Productions (our drama group in church), In fact we’re working on our Christmas play now and it’s gonna be a mix of video & stage. Nothing new cos’ Actor’s Studio did it ages ago before and we’ve done it countless times in some of our productions. I personally feel stage work should just remain that … stage and not be mixed with video. It kinda detracts from its name … “stage”.

Oops .. it’s 6:00pm already and I think it’s time for me to leave. Hooray! I now leave this BLOG unattended. It’s off to ta pau dinner then off for my meeting with the rest of the Sun Seekers (my subzone in church). See ya later ALLIGATORS!


3 thoughts on “Blog Therapy

  1. You let a GUY move in with you? Strategize, Yuen! Bring in the hot chicks! But, it is always good to see an old friend moving up in life. CELL LEADER, eh? I guess playing lots of Splinter Cell must have helped you up the ranks. Damn terrorists!

  2. Am glad to see you share transparently, he he.. esp if you know your bro and timmy will probably read this. ha ha.. Anyways, glad to see your blog being “born-again”.. Look forward to more game reviews.
    what about gadget reviews? Would be interesting. See yaz dude

  3. Hey, didn’t know that Timmy is staying with you now. And it’s news to me that you are working for James! Haha.. small world eh?

    We are your clients. 🙂


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